Are Metal Roofs Expensive ?

With a thirty year  material guarantee and little to no maintenance, you’ll never need to worry about your roof again. Metal roofs are not just a cheap effective way of saving, some of  the ongoing advantages also include the reduction of power consumption, no maintenance tradesman required and a much cleaner living feel that is also environmentally friendly.

Which Roofing Products Do You Use ?

Only the most trusted brands of materials are used by FDA Roofing. Bluescope Steel is a premier manufacturer of metal roofing products and are supplied by trusted industrial companies such as Stratco and Fielders. With a wide range of colours and profiles to match all types of homes, you can be sure that FDA will satisfy your every need.

Why Should I Choose A Metal Roof ?

Metal Roofs protect homes, businesses, sheds and more from the harsh and extreme Australian weather. If you’re looking for a material that resists marks, dents, chipping, cracking, flaking and blistering and has a very low maintenance requirement, then the choice is clear.   Metal roofs now utilize reflective pigment technology, which results in overall home energy efficiency. If you’re wanting to be cool in summer warm in winter without on going costs, then metal roofs are the right choice for you.

I’m Concerned That A Metal Roof Won’t Match My Home And My Neighbourhood ?

Today’s material comes in a huge range of colours and profiles and ensures we have a solution to find the perfect match for you.

Do I/We Need To Move Out While Our Home Is Being Re-Roofed Or Other Works Are Being Performed ?

No! The re-roofing of your home can be done while you still have occupancy.

Is Asbestos Removal Safe ?

Our Qualified tradesman at FDA Roofing undertake every safety measure to ensure that asbestos removal complies with strict work safe practices. We aim to always exceed the requirements as prescribed by the Australian Standards Act which guarantees the safety of you and your family.

Won’t A Metal Roof Be Too Loud In A Storm ?

When installed with standard insulation, a metal roof  on your home will silence noise from rain, hail, and extreme weather as well – if not better than any other roofing materials. You can be sure that you’ll be safe and sound, metal roofs have extreme weather ratings and are tested to the harshest Australian conditions.

How Much Longer Will A Metal Roof Outlast Others?

You can be sure a metal roof  will last 2 to 3 times longer then its competitors. Lifespans of roofs can depend on the pitch degree and climate in your area. Shingle roofing needs high maintenance and the products lifespan is short, concrete tiles can crack and warp in a short period and repointing is a common problem due to land movement and quick temperature change.

Metal roofs will definitely outlast all its above competitors and you can be sure it will retain its great looks and durability for years to come.