Skylights & Translucent Sheeting

What is a Skylight/Translucent Sheeting?Skylight Process

Fixed to the roof, skylights and translucent sheeting allows the natural light to pass through the material and directly into your property to flood it with additional natural lighting.

Why do I need this?

Power bills keep going up? Always turning your lights on during the day? Skylights and translucent sheeting are a fast and cost effective way to allow natural light into your home, office, deck or garage with no additional on going costs. With electricity prices on the up, this is a great way to naturally lighten those dark areas of your property at no additional cost.

How can FDA help me?Translucent Sheeting Verandah

FDA specialises in the installation of skylights and translucent sheeting. We’ll work with you to identify key problem areas and also offer alternative solutions to help reduce your power bill and carbon footprint.

What are the benefits?

  • Improves natural lighting
  • Reduces your power bill
  • Reduces your carbon footprint