Whirlybirds & Roof Ventilation Systems

WhirlybirdWhat is a Whirlybird/Roof Ventilation System?

Whirlybirds and Roof Ventilation Systems are designed to reduce temperatures by replacing trapped hot air with cooler air from the outside. 

Why do I need this?

Power bills keep going up? Hot house in the summer? Damp roof in the winter? A Whirlybird/Roof Ventilation System is a cost effective way to manage your back pocket, regulate your properties temperature and help reduce your carbon footprint. During summer roof space temperatures can exceed 60+°C and during winter, moisture from bathrooms and kitchens can build-up and form up in excess of 10+ litres of moisture. Removing the heat in summer and moisture in winter, you’ll be living in a cleaner, healthier, happier living environment.

How can FDA help me?

FDA specialise in the installation of Whirlybirds and Roof Ventilation Systems. We’ll work with you to identify key problem areas and also offer alternative solutions to help reduce your power bill and carbon footprint.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduces your power bills
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Vast array of colours available to match your roof
  • Passively cools your roof space at no additional cost
  • Passively dries your roof space at no additional cost Whirlybird Process 2 Whirlybird Process